Day 20: One Year Ago

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Five days ago marked the 365th day Volatile Perceptions has been in existed. Honestly it has become something I never expected and I am very happy with it. I am still working  to make blogging a more regular activity and the good news is I have at least 4 more posts already written out! I have seen at least 10 followers here on and 21 on my Facebook page. I think after the first year (and only 19 posts) 31 followers is fantastic! I hope this blog continues to grow and my mind will be able to generate all the ideas I want to discuss. Since I have only one day left on the challenge I issued myself last year, I will need some new material. Please keep in mind that if any reader would like a topic discussed or would like to know my opinion, just comment below or on my Facebook page ( and I would be happy to do what I can.


I am very excited for this new year.  I have learned so much from 2013, even I am in disbelief. I have felt confidence, despair, love and inspiration. 2013 has had some of the brightest times in my life but there has also been dark times. I have a opened a new jar of Hope and I can only trust it will work out for me. I am going to continue to write as much as I can and offer apologies to anyone that is disturbed or offended by anything I say.  Thank you to those that find my words intriguing! Here’s to Today!

Yay for the birth of Volatile Perceptions!


Day 19: We are Masters of Disguise

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If you ever met me you would know that I can be very sensitive and emotional because I am easily manipulated. I have so much more bad luck than I do good luck. What makes me just a bit different is that I have developed a sense about others. You know when you have a “bad feeling” about something?  I have rarely been wrong about those feelings. However,  there are techniques used consciously and subconsciously to disguise our feelings so others are confused or unaware of what is really happening.  When I find the rare “good feeling” my experience from all the “bad feelings” get in my way and cause me to lose it. I know everyone is a Master of Disguise.  It is often difficult to find someone who isn’t wearing a mask of some kind. Instead we all hide who we are, protecting ourselves from despair and heartache. Each time I find that “good feeling” I take off my mask and face it head on but when I’m seen from behind the mask of another, the pain they are hiding from is all I am met with. Without my own disguise I am knocked back, crippled by despair and torn by heartache.  My back is riddled with wounds I let others inflict. My heart beats falsely, reminding me only of the scars that encompass it. I am done with wearing masks. I am finished with being something I am not. No longer will I blindly see others. No longer will I let others fill my life with pain. I have enough of my own despair. My mind has far too much to consider on its own, there is no available time for deciphering who is beneath the disguises. Too often I am undervalued and too often I am accepting that. There is no disguise worth having if who you are is not valued. Set yourself free and show the world what it means to express identity.

Day 18: Friendship

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This next topic is a very important topic in my life. As I mentioned in Day 3: The Ups and Downs in Life, my “up” is my friends. I am the kind of guy that does everything in his power to be there for others. Here is what I wrote once for the idea of Friendship:

Friendship is the invisible bond between humans. It provides humans with the feelings and emotions they need to carry on life with a purpose. It helps prevent suicide and homicide. Being someone’s “friend” is a privilege to share your life with them, however you vary your share limit and extend both lives with more reason and understanding. “Friends” are to help, and care for each other. “Friendship” is a word sometimes thrown lightly by humans; by they don’t understand a true “friend” really does care. There is no insensitive human, they all have feelings and that is why a “friend” is a good thing to have.

Friendship-Quotes-1A lot of what I have said previously I still believe in but there are others that I have learned are not quite what I thought. I have met insensitive people and those that really are not interested in doing much more than hurting others. These kind of people are lucky to have friends. Being a friend is a privilege but I feel that too many people take it for granted. I think that a true friend is one that contributes to the relationship between two people with things like respect, integrity, consideration, and trust. Friends can come on many different levels, ranging from mere acquaintance to the absolute Best-friend.  I feel that friendship relies on forgiveness and honesty. Friends are like pillars of strength and support, they are reflections of one’s self and a friend is irreplaceable. I am lucky to be gifted with so many of the greatest friends, I wish only the same for everyone else.

Day 17: Fate

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The topic of Fate has always been an interesting one to me. Are the greatest and worst scenarios of my life predetermined before I can ever know of them? I understand that Fate is not just one simple idea, it is a multitude of possibilities and it can always be changed, altered or denied. However, I also believe Fate can be made. I believe that Fate is an idea that comes only to those that seek it. Here is what I originally wrote for the idea of Fate:

Fate, another word to describe “destiny”. They are both described as a predetermined outcome, mainly for a human’s life. When a human learns of their “fate” or “destiny” they usually take it too seriously, causing their “destiny” to change. Humans don’t understand that if there is a “fate” set for them, the actions and words a human use can change it. “Fate” and “destiny” may be preset, but they are just guesses to what will become of the human from what has already happened in the human’s life. Human’s “fate” is always inevitable. It is “death”. The “fate” of all mankind has an end. Every human’s “destiny” is to be born, live, and die. That is “fate”.

With that previous determination, I had believed that Fate was absolute. I didn’t grasp the full idea yet. Fate is not absolute. All people will meet their end, while this is true, it only speaks for the physical being. I have come to believe that a person’s soul can transcend the limitations of a physical reality and if rightly identified, merge with the soul of another. I believe in memories, I believe in Hope and I believe that a person is more than they appear. Fate helps speak out for that person and gives them an idea for a path open to them. Find that person. Set your path. Decide your own Fate.

Day 16: Respect

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Today I want to talk about “Respect”. Respect is something that can be rare but one of the most invaluable assets a person can bring into any kind of relationship.  Here is what I wrote once about Respect:

Respect is a very misunderstood word. To humans it can be given or lost, but to most, it must be earned. “Respect” is a sort of polite way of providing humans with the rights they legally, and/or naturally deserve to have. Many humans believe “it takes two”, in other words, in order to get “respect”; you must give “respect”. “Respect” can be described with many different definitions, for example; not talking while others are talking, giving someone a chance, or even a second chance, let them keep their secrets secret if they want, be polite, don’t hate, judge, or discriminate for any reason, be kind even when they aren’t to you, let them believe what they want to believe, but the best of all is the Golden Rule: Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated. Being “respectful” isn’t hard if you try. “Cooperation” plays a big role in “respecting” others. Asking how someone is or if you can help is also “respectful”.

I like to think that Respect is very much the same thing as Integrity. It is doing or saying what is right without caring about who or what will hear you. I believe Respect is a foundation for many relationships, intimate or otherwise. Giving or having respect for each other opens up the chance for Trust. Do not let the world run you over. Earn respect and give respect.

Day 15: A Brief Intermission: A Nation Divided

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I know that I have been posting periodically about what all these words mean to me. I still have a few left to share, but before I continue I wanted to take a break from that and post something else. I am always getting ideas to share something but I have been hesitant because I did not want to interrupt the ideas I was posting, but I feel this will be okay. My intentions with this blog are not to be controversial or repelling, it is only to share my own ideas and thoughts with others.

I have learned so much over the last decade. I have learned that people are naturally afraid, that fear is often used as a weapon, and I have learned that music is the gateway to the soul. I have learned that respect and trust can be given to the wrong people and the wounds those people inflict can be deep. I have learned that inaction can be as deadly as action and there are consequences for every choice. I have learned that in my generation, too few have led “normal” lives growing up. We all have been subject to psychological damage and emotional scarring.

What I have not been able to figure out is the meaning or reasons behind somethings. I do not understand how sometimes a idea so simple could be so complicated. Right now I am waiting patiently alongside millions of other Americans for the Supreme Court to rule on Equality. Our government has faced issues like this others times in the past, in 1865 when slavery was abolished by the 13th Constitutional Amendment, and in 1920 when women were given rights by the 19th Amendment. How many times must we fight to prove that ALL of our people are equal? How much must we lose before it is known that we all share the same life?

I am appalled to think that there are many people who believe that everyone does not deserve the right to pursue happiness. There are people who act against it and it is those people who have put the pressure on the nation to decide. We are divided. We are weak. Our nation has nothing to prove to anyone but we constantly show them that we cannot coexist with ourselves. Our greatest enemy is staring us in the face every time we look in the mirror. We are a nation divided. How can we say that we are the “United” States when our people are unable to accept each other? On our own coined money there is a Latin phrase, “E Pluribus Unum”, translated to “Out of Many, One”. I believe that the reason this was printed on something so common in our lives, is to remind us that no matter what comes our way, we are all equally sharing in the experience as one nation. We are all in this together. I think that John Dickinson said it best back in 1768 in The Liberty Song: “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all, By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall”.

We are at a critical time in our economic growth. Our nation cannot afford to be so small-minded. We must be united. We must be accepting. We must care for one another and prove to ourselves that the greatness that was expected of us is possible. I want to be able to live my life as an American citizen, free of worry and free of judgment. I want to find a person to share my life with and not have to hide or move to another place in order to pursue happiness. I want to be able to trust the people who I am around. Is that too much to ask?

It has taken a lot for me to be able to see through the clouded vision I have been taught and raised with. I have seen so much in my life and heard so many things that make me either very motivated or very saddened. These things in life are not meant to be difficult. There are simple fixes to it all but it is nearly impossible to find them or employ those fixes with the mindset our people have now. Our people are struggling to find their own identity in a place where there is none left. As I have mentioned before, all I can do is Hope. I will Hope that things will be easier to understand and I hope that we can all, as a nation. learn to grow together.

I will continue the regularly scheduled programming in the next post. Have a good day. 🙂

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Day 14: Courage

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“Courage” is a very unique word. It is said to be a 14th century derivative of the Anglo-French word for “heart”. I find that courage is something found within one-self. Without courage it would be difficult to face everyday. My previous message on “Courage” is below:

Courage is the feeling that gives strength. “Courage” allows a human to stand up for what each individual kink in the system means to them. It gives humans the motivation they need to say when something is wrong to them. “Courage” is also more than that. “Courage” is what it takes to be a leader. Humans need “courage” to do what is right even when they are alone. “Courage” can be misinformed about, to where only certain people have “courage”. Every human has “courage”. They just don’t realize it. It takes “courage” just to get up each morning to face the world humans have created. All the men and women that have fought and/or died for their country, no matter what country, they did with the “courage” they had.

Over time I have learned that Courage is about more than just strength or heart. It involves learning about yourself. Courage is finding something inside you that motivates and inspires action. It’s facing the truth and accepting it. Courage is the hidden strength needed to find doorways in an inescapable thought. Stay strong my friends the world needs more heroes.

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