Day 25: Family

This post is long over due. October 31st 2012 I wrote Day 4: A Look Ahead and I mentioned fourteen terms I wanted to discuss. As I know I have not been the most up to date Blog host over these past two years, writing is still a passion I hold. My life has gone through a lot of changes recently and I can only say that I hope to be able to rekindle my writing spirit and spark my creative mind from here. Below is my post for the final word from my challenge as it appeared when I first wrote it:


        Family, the bond between a clan of people, usually related. Modern societies tend to “consider” people, who are really “friends”, a part of the family. Anyone can be accepted as a part of a family if both sides are willing to consent to it. Most modern “families” have become broken, challenged, or barely hanging on. “Families” are only humans that show “love” in a caring way toward another. Anyone a human chooses can be a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mother, father, whatever. Humans should learn, the phrase “Family first” means almost the same as “don’t be selfish” or “think of others before yourself”. Many groups of people, “families”, are blood related but don’t realize it. Ancestral humans didn’t pick a spot and stay. Generations have moved to other places expanding the “family”. That is where religions get we are all brothers and sisters.


     Family has always been an interesting matter to me. My family may not have known it but growing up I never felt the same bond that they may have felt. Our bonds were not too weak but they were not as strong as I may have needed them to be. I often felt alone and solitary despite the presence of my family. My fear of being alone isolated me from people that were available to me for support and my fear of abandonment kept me from developing a healthy relationship with anyone I am biologically connected to. If you were to ask any of my family, it is likely they have just recently begun learning things about me since I have opened up more to them. As such, over time I have become rather close to several other families and come to accept them as my own. What I find to be the biggest factor for those I call family is that they are accepting. I feel that only a true family will accept each other without judgment and be able to contribute unconditional love.

     I may have lost touch with some of my “siblings” but the ones that impacted me the most are still a part of my life. Something I have learned is that the memories will always be there and nothing can take away the happiness that a person feels when they are a part of a family. I have felt the welcoming and loving embrace of several families and to be able to have such a gift, I could never be more grateful. Part of growing up is accepting the fate of individuality. Each of our families have their own lives and goals and to hold them back is a selfish act, one I refuse to contribute to.

     I do not wish to argue that ‘blood is thicker than water’ because often times it is those that show up with water that are more willing to shed blood for you. And sometimes, water is all you need. One of my favorite quotes is “Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family”- Unknown. I see this and instantly think of all the people in my life that have been there for me when I needed them. The numerous memories I share with others and the person I have become are all thanks to the families that have been loyal to me. I am pleased to know that I have been welcomed into so many lives and I can only hope that my ‘family’ continues to grow. If any of you read this, know that I love you!

~ by Charbie on August 30, 2014.

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