Day 21: Shadows of the Past

I wrote this back in March and I have it posted on my personal Facebook already but I wanted to share it here as well. 😀


Hushed voices and suspicious whispers. The daily torment that rings through my head sound always sure yet unclear. All of the ideas and thoughts that have ever passed through my mind are here. A large table is present in a dimly lit room. There are 12 chairs surrounding the table, five seats on each side and one on each end. Low hanging lamps are suspended from above each chair shedding light only on the cushions. Not every chair is always full. Most often there is only one seat filled. The lonely entity casting commands and thoughts as it watches its own ideas become reality. Memories are stored in files, preserved on paper-like material and they have begun collecting dust. The new age is taking over. The thoughts that embody the being have aged and shaped it into something incomparable to the others. A big decision is coming. These decisions affect the incorporeal party as a whole. Slowly the other eleven chairs begin to fill. The range of ideas sand thoughts that are incorporated within this room create the person I am. Voices start chattering over each other and soon the room is buzzing. The main chair raises a hand to quiet the other’s thoughts. What feels like one hundred eighty-five years of experience receives the respect it demands.

Slowly the memories begin displaying, levitating above the table. Images of what shaped the aged figure, voices it once heard, smells it once smelled, and feelings it had once lost danced around the table. A few entities are learning a portion of the memories for the first time yet they show no surprise. Once the Shadows of the Past have been cycled, a display of possible futures begins. A dozen entities must now determine if the risk is worth it. Will the ideas already preserved so strongly from the past remain intact? How will the Shadows of the Past be incorporated as they always are? What portion of the present will become a Shadow? Which memories will remain and which will be filed away? Images of Deceit, Prosperity, and Confidence fill the room. Concepts of Fear, Loss and Unyielding Loyalty swirl around each being.  Honesty, Integrity and Doubt swim in a cloud above their heads. Love, Trust and Inspiration echo around the beings causing them to shiver. Like the other meetings the conclusion remains anonymous. One word consumes the twelve embodiments: Hope. As the room clears, a figure remains. The figure recaps on its oldest memories with Hope the days to come are filled with as many smiles. One hundred eighty-five years and counting……..


~ by Charbie on October 23, 2013.

One Response to “Day 21: Shadows of the Past”

  1. […] There are also things I have glimpsed but have still yet learned. In my previous post “Shadows of the Past” I listed twelve words that embody what I have experienced in life so far. Some of these […]

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