Day 18: Friendship

This next topic is a very important topic in my life. As I mentioned in Day 3: The Ups and Downs in Life, my “up” is my friends. I am the kind of guy that does everything in his power to be there for others. Here is what I wrote once for the idea of Friendship:

Friendship is the invisible bond between humans. It provides humans with the feelings and emotions they need to carry on life with a purpose. It helps prevent suicide and homicide. Being someone’s “friend” is a privilege to share your life with them, however you vary your share limit and extend both lives with more reason and understanding. “Friends” are to help, and care for each other. “Friendship” is a word sometimes thrown lightly by humans; by they don’t understand a true “friend” really does care. There is no insensitive human, they all have feelings and that is why a “friend” is a good thing to have.

Friendship-Quotes-1A lot of what I have said previously I still believe in but there are others that I have learned are not quite what I thought. I have met insensitive people and those that really are not interested in doing much more than hurting others. These kind of people are lucky to have friends. Being a friend is a privilege but I feel that too many people take it for granted. I think that a true friend is one that contributes to the relationship between two people with things like respect, integrity, consideration, and trust. Friends can come on many different levels, ranging from mere acquaintance to the absolute Best-friend.  I feel that friendship relies on forgiveness and honesty. Friends are like pillars of strength and support, they are reflections of one’s self and a friend is irreplaceable. I am lucky to be gifted with so many of the greatest friends, I wish only the same for everyone else.

~ by Charbie on August 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Day 18: Friendship”

  1. A best friend is someone who means a great deal
    A best friend is someone who is true and for real
    A best friend wont hurt you
    A best friend wont lie
    A best friend will never permanently say goodbye!!!

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