Day 16: Respect

Today I want to talk about “Respect”. Respect is something that can be rare but one of the most invaluable assets a person can bring into any kind of relationship.  Here is what I wrote once about Respect:

Respect is a very misunderstood word. To humans it can be given or lost, but to most, it must be earned. “Respect” is a sort of polite way of providing humans with the rights they legally, and/or naturally deserve to have. Many humans believe “it takes two”, in other words, in order to get “respect”; you must give “respect”. “Respect” can be described with many different definitions, for example; not talking while others are talking, giving someone a chance, or even a second chance, let them keep their secrets secret if they want, be polite, don’t hate, judge, or discriminate for any reason, be kind even when they aren’t to you, let them believe what they want to believe, but the best of all is the Golden Rule: Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated. Being “respectful” isn’t hard if you try. “Cooperation” plays a big role in “respecting” others. Asking how someone is or if you can help is also “respectful”.

I like to think that Respect is very much the same thing as Integrity. It is doing or saying what is right without caring about who or what will hear you. I believe Respect is a foundation for many relationships, intimate or otherwise. Giving or having respect for each other opens up the chance for Trust. Do not let the world run you over. Earn respect and give respect.

~ by Charbie on July 24, 2013.

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