Day 14: Courage

“Courage” is a very unique word. It is said to be a 14th century derivative of the Anglo-French word for “heart”. I find that courage is something found within one-self. Without courage it would be difficult to face everyday. My previous message on “Courage” is below:

Courage is the feeling that gives strength. “Courage” allows a human to stand up for what each individual kink in the system means to them. It gives humans the motivation they need to say when something is wrong to them. “Courage” is also more than that. “Courage” is what it takes to be a leader. Humans need “courage” to do what is right even when they are alone. “Courage” can be misinformed about, to where only certain people have “courage”. Every human has “courage”. They just don’t realize it. It takes “courage” just to get up each morning to face the world humans have created. All the men and women that have fought and/or died for their country, no matter what country, they did with the “courage” they had.

Over time I have learned that Courage is about more than just strength or heart. It involves learning about yourself. Courage is finding something inside you that motivates and inspires action. It’s facing the truth and accepting it. Courage is the hidden strength needed to find doorways in an inescapable thought. Stay strong my friends the world needs more heroes.

~ by Charbie on May 25, 2013.

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