Day 11: Trust

Day 11: Trust is another very interesting topic. As with the other ideas that I am writing about through this challenge, Trust is a very important concept in my life. I value many things on the idea of Trust. Trust is not something that is just handed around. It is earned and developed. Sometimes it could be a very quick decision while other times it may take longer. Here is the idea I had when I first wrote it:

Trust is dependability. Also something that can be broken or given. It is confidence from one human to another. A sort of bond between them that allows more compatibility in a society or social group. Some humans put too much on chance or “luck” when it comes to “trust”. It should only be “given” to those who can “use” it the best. Hence, dependability.

I did not say much in that idea because Trust is about much more than words. Trust does not exist the same between all people. Much like Love it is something that can break a person’s spirit. Fortunately if you search in the right places you can find someone who deserves you to trust them. Don’t worry. You will know when you find them because it will be the feeling of their Trust for you that resonates from them that draws you to them. Of course that does not mean everyone you think you can trust is trustworthy. However, it is a simple decision that you can make for yourself. I always see it like this: If you cannot trust someone else then you do not yet trust yourself. You need to trust yourself with trusting others. Allow yourself to be heard. Allow yourself to be hurt. But learn from things that bring you down and trust that you will find a new path. As I stated in Day 3: Life’s Ups and Downs, my “up” is the bond I have with my friends. If I didn’t have trust for them I feel that I would lose trust in myself and become swollen with doubt and grief. A smidgen of Trust can help keep the bitterness at bay. Trust me.

~ by Charbie on December 10, 2012.

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