Day 10: Love

This next word is a very complicated subject. There are many more definitions of this word than I could possibly take the time to explain. As with all the words on my list I did have ideas written for Love as well. Here they go:

Love is a loosely given word, used in a situation between humans, whether needed or not. It can be described as a verb, noun, or adjective, it can be torn, true, broken, lost, spent, or given. Humans tend to refer to it as a form of exceptional fondness, a great brotherhood, or great affection. Either way, in this world, “love” is spread thin, and sometimes flexible. Broken hearts can cause death, but even still, a human cannot love without harming him or herself. Family ties, and relationships are also described by “love”. Only when used in context, do humans “assume” what “love” really is. It isn’t something mental, or physical, but something emotional. It is how humans feel in their soul toward another being, human or not.
The word Love is defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as  “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties”, “attraction based on sexual desire”, “affection based on admiration”, “warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion”, “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another” and “brotherly concern for others”.

Love is one of the few things in life that everyone wants but few ever find. It is something that can make a person feel like the most important person and yet still has the ability to make a person feel like their world is ending. Falling in love is not a simple thing either. Sometimes it takes a few tries at the idea of love before you find yourself truly happy. I saw something once that said “It is better to find someone you want to wake up to, than it is to find someone you want to sleep with”.

Sometimes a person can see the whole world in another’s eyes. Their whole future. Sometimes a person forgets to breathe when the other is close. Sometimes seeing your true love smile will make your whole day better. Hugging them close will make you feel safer than if you lived in Fort Knox. Perhaps your skin will tingle in the slightest way when they touch you. Sometimes you find that everything you see in a day reminds you of them. You feel sad when they are sad. You feel happy when they are happy. Sometimes you even find yourself admiring that other person’s flaws because you know it is what makes them real. A hug has no time limit. A kiss has more power than an atom bomb.

It takes a different kind of love for everything. What love you share for a close friend will never match what you share with your family. What you share with your family you will never compare to your soul mate. There is a book series called Sweep by Cate Tiernan. In this series it provides an interesting new term for soul mate. It is called muirn beatha dan. It is believed that a person is only truly happy when they find their muirn beatha dan. The soul-mate is half of a complete person. In order to become whole, two soul-mates have to find each other. What is interesting from my point of view on the idea of soul-mates is that they can have more than one soul mate. A person’s soul is an indescribable idea. Therefore it is capable of changing to be complete with different people. Sometimes love between two people is temporary. Sometimes it isn’t. During those times that it is temporary the way I look at it, the person’s soul just changed a little over time and it no longer fits as well. What is important is finding a new piece to fit with.

Love is not simple. In fact it is one of the most complicated ideas ever thought up. It is never giving up. It is growth and nurturing between two lives. Love is very real and can be found between any two people no matter their gender. One’s own heart makes the choice. It is unforgettable.

~ by Charbie on November 27, 2012.

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