Day 9: School

We are on to Day 9. I do not have a lot to say for School because my ideas for it have barely changed. What it was five years ago is this :

School is a prison set up by the state and Federal government to torture children from 5 years old to about 18 years old, and to provide them with enough common sense, influence, and knowledge, to live life according to someone else’s definition of “right” and “proper.”

Interestingly enough the ideas for these words I actually wrote while in High School, as in literally during my classes. What I mean by my idea is that school is a place that children rarely want to go to learn. It is a social site and children suffer through school to see their classmates. This may be why people form such strong bonds with fellow classmates. It is as if they were  POW’s together. During a student’s tenure in school, they are advised by selected individuals the many secrets to life. Whether or not those particular secrets to life are indeed fact, is something that relies solely on the student’s faith and trust in the teacher. In order to believe the things a teacher says, a student is greeted with a presence when they are young that a teacher holds all the answers. Of course we literally know this not to be true but there is a way you can see that sometimes even the teachers have little faith in what they are saying. Ask the right questions. If the teacher cannot answer them or is surprised by them, it becomes obvious that they are only doing what they are paid to do.

I had a teacher once who really impacted me. He was my American Government teacher. He refused to teach us the same thing all of our past teachers told us. He opened my eyes to see that everything that is taught to us could be a lie. Sometimes it is just easier to believe what you are told rather than learn the real truth. If the lie makes it far enough it becomes common knowledge. When that happens it becomes fact. Any person could write a history book and once it is taught, a generation will believe it to be true. A lot that factors in to this or tries to benefit from it is media.

Growing up children see how their parents and other grown loved ones react to the media and in turn the learn that some people just naturally have the truth flowing from their mouths. This is hardly the case. Everything taught in a school is an idea. An idea that something is right. It is dependent on the student whether or not that idea is true to them. If they accept and embrace the ideas given by the school, the school becomes successful. Hence the reason for scholastic tests. They want to know you believed them. If you don’t believe them you get labeled as a “special needs” child. You have special needs because you didn’t conform. You didn’t believe like everyone else that everything was true because for some reason it didn’t make sense. I have to say, when I was in school I conformed. Up until my senior year that is. Once I began learning more about my self I began responding to my teachers questions with questions. Instead of writing what they wanted me to, I wrote what I wanted to. I would literally write for an answer, “I did not expect this question so I did not study for it. I cannot at this time see where it would be relevant in my future to know why Shakespeare writes this way.” Sometimes, although I would give an answer like that, because my teacher also had little faith in the words they were paid to relay to us, I would still get an A!

I suppose my point is that the most that a child would take from the things learned from school are the basic educational things and the occasional extra curricular classes they enjoyed. Becoming a man or becoming a woman is influenced in other ways. Students learn what they want to know and hear everything else. There is a lot of learning about themselves that helps them evolve into the adults they become.  That is my idea of school.

~ by Charbie on November 17, 2012.

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