Day 8: Punishment

What makes punishment so interesting is that the idea can be very different and yet very similar to many people. Years ago when I was writing my original idea for punishment it said:

Punishment, a form of torture, legal in the United Sates to “put you in your place” or to “show you that you’ve done wrong”. Some “punishments” parents focus on for their children are: spankings, groundings, standing in the corner, or going to bed without dinner. While jail, prison, fines, fees, taxes, and death are used by government officials to “punish” adults.
Whether or not the idea of punishment to others is different or not, it is defined in the dictionary as “suffering, pain or loss that serves as retribution.” ( According to some psychological practices such as rearing a child, punishment is used as a form of negative reinforcement so children learn not to do what ever it is they were being punished for.

Punishment is definitely something that could be controversial yet it is also an idea that seems necessary.  Without punishment it is very likely that a lot of things would get out of hand. Laws are put into place with repercussions because if someone violates the law it is necessary to administer punishment accordingly.There isn’t a lot more that I could say about punishment. I can say that in some ways I agree with it and in some ways I don’t.

~ by Charbie on November 13, 2012.

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