Day 6: Death

I know that this subject will be a bit touchy so I just want to say again that what I write is solely my own ideas. My ideas are not meant to indicate in any way that any other opinions are incorrect, rather just to say what I think. I intend not to smother my beliefs on anyone, merely to share them. On to topic number two then. Death.

Five years ago when I first wrote this list (which I later entitled Words of Wisdom) my perception to Death was a rather short one. I refused to allow any outside influence tell me what was beyond life when there was no way to really know.

Death is the “afterlife”, the “paradise”, a time when life ceases. Since no human has been dead and alive again (for more than a few minutes), death is still a mystery that may never be solved.

That was my opinion, and then my little brother died. While my perception may not have changed dramatically I do know this; Death is very real. It still puzzles me but at most moments in life I feel that I shouldn’t try to question it. My personal beliefs allow me to have faith that my lost ones will return to our world. I personally believe that each person, in each life represents a shadow of a former life. It is hard to say what that shadow is but I think that it be similar to genetics. Instead of how you physically look (as explained by genetics), I believe that our thoughts, dreams and behavior can sometimes reflect a past life. For example, one’s innate ability to lead may indicate they were some form of leadership in a prior life, say a general or even royalty. This idea gives me the chance to let my lost ones go on to their next life. Death is not the end. As it was told in the great story Peter Pan by Sir James M. Barrie; “To die would be an awfully big adventure.”  I still feel that Death is a mystery that is unable to be solved. All of the stories of bright lights and tunnels really sets an expectation for people and I feel that at the moment a life ends, it is unique to the person.

What makes dealing with Death so hard is the loneliness. The overwhelming feeling that something so great in your life is gone. It may be cliche but I too a  firm believer that the memories of a person remain with you forever. Those memories help define the life of that person. Death is not something to be afraid of. I think of it as an opportunity. An opportunity to allow others to define my life with their memories and a chance to become the shadow, former life for someone else. I hope that is not too morbid. I only mean to say that there are positive ways of thinking about something that has been stereotyped as grim and bad. Many people prefer to reference dying as “going to a better place”. That’s awesome. I think that the idea of a place that can be described as “better” is the place to be. Ideas are meant to be shared and evaluated. Death is meant to be embraced and appreciated. Just as Life is. There is no light without darkness. There is no Yin without Yang.

Journey well in Life my friends. For it is here you make your mark.

~ by Charbie on November 2, 2012.

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