Day 2: Minor Details

Let’s get this ball rolling shall we? I want to share a few minor details about me today so that it may help solve some mystery to the mug in my Gravatar picture.

My given age is 22 years old (I don’t follow the same timeline so I often forget how old I am. I count myself at 180 years now.)

I love to learn. That being said, my goal is to learn as much as possible in the lifetime I have.

I am this close (|   |) to getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I may move on to other interest or I may continue to a Master’s Degree.

I am a people person. It is something that I have evolved into over the last several years. I enjoy learning about other people and solving the mysteries that surround them.

I am easy to talk to. I have a few life mottoes and one of them is I don’t judge and I don’t grudge. By living with this motto in mind, I do not judge anyone for anything and I am able to forgive anyone for misfortune they may have caused me. (Disclaimer: I am not comparing myself to any religious characters nor do I intend to offend if I say something out of ordinary.)

My favorite color and number, now that is quite something. Depending on one’s perception of color, it could be either Black (as I have always believed) or Red. The reason the perception matters is because Black could be considered not to be a color, rather to be all colors. If that were the perception of Black then my favorite color would be Red. Therefore my favorite number is 9. This coincidence can be proven by a formula created by the great mind of The Marnray.

My dreams (real dreams) are pretty wild, vivid and very real feeling. I have practiced some methods to improve my dream memory (the most effective is having pen and paper beside your bed so you can write everything you remember as soon as you wake up.) though sometimes my dreams are a little less favorable (I’m sure I have had at least 9 Zombie dreams this year alone!)

As I stated in my last post, I think of myself as a man of many talents. This makes it difficult to decide what path to choose in life. The only difficulty is to choose one. While the idea of more than one “career” seems absurd, I intend only to learn all I can in this lifetime. Perhaps this big head of mine will fill up with knowledge that (here’s hoping the Internet lasts that long!) I can share with others here or in other methods of writing.

My tedious plan to make you read for hours and hours is being thwarted by hunger so feel free to comment if you have any questions. I will be happy to acknowledge them with at least an answer :). Happy Blogging!

~ by Charbie on October 19, 2012.

One Response to “Day 2: Minor Details”

  1. […] I stated in “Day 2: Minor Details“, I am a people person. It has taken time and a lot of effort to shape me into who I am. My […]

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