Day 1: The Start

I never thought I would do this. Blogging, I mean. I have read numerous blogs but I never pictured myself actually creating one. Google must know my IP address by heart from the countless times I have researched about Blogs over the last couple weeks. What to name them, what to write in them, what color to make them and more. It amazes me that Blogs, while usually discreet and unknown are actually a very big deal in our world. This Blog however, is going to be my big deal. This is going to be “Volatile Perceptions”.

Each post will be unknown to me until I feel the draw to write it, yet I feel strangely comfortable with that and I hope that I can make this a regular hobby. Perhaps by blogging I can provide a view of my own psyche. Perhaps this Blog is just what I need. I read that blogs are like web-based journals to some. I cannot say for certain what this Blog will become. I feel that this is my opportunity to stop thinking so much. The idea of sharing what is held in my mind with people gives me the shivers but I am ready (besides I have extraordinary mind powers to protect me).
My studies have taken me deep into the field of Psychology. I think of myself as a scientist, writer, adventurer, psychologist, artist and chef. Above all, I am a nerd and a Geek. I love to learn. If it can occupy me for a length of time with or without other people, I enjoy it.
I am plagued with a mind that wanders. I often believe that I have split my sub-conscious into several “people” so I am able to focus on different things at a time. I see these people as a group of 12 sitting around a long conference table. Decisions that I make, actions that I take are all run by these “people”. Let’s just say that these 12 monkeys suggest that I write a Blog.

There would be no “Volatile Perceptions” without the inspiration of another WordPress blogger. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting this gentlemen and he has certainly inspired me, especially in the field of writing. This person is the epitome of awesome, he is The Marnray. Despite his very likely chuckle of disbelief here, The Marnray has helped awaken the part of me that wanted to write. I was constantly writing when I was younger, but as I grew, my magnetism toward writing dwindled. Then I met Marnray. He is an aspiring author whose blog “Better with A Pen” has helped kick me right back to doing something I like to do. So with that being said, thank you Marnray. You are my brother and my friend, let us write this world until its end!

~ by Charbie on October 17, 2012.

One Response to “Day 1: The Start”

  1. I hope this turns into an exciting adventure for you…and all of us as well.

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